About Neelam Fabricators
Neelam Fabricators is an Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India based Rotomoulding and Rotational Moulding Machine Manufacturer Company. We are manufacturing Rotomoulding Plant and Rotational Moulding Machinery like Single and Twin Mill Pulveriser Machine, Open flame and closed type Rock N Roll Machine, Scrap Grinder Machine, Box type Oven machine, Biaxial Machine and SS, MS and Aluminium die casting Moulds Manufacturer Company. Rotomolding, rotomoulding manufacturer, plastic moulding, water tank, tank making machine, plastic machines, plastic machine manufacturer, rotomoulding machine manufacturer, Rotomolding, rotomoulding manufacturer, plastic moulding, water tank, Rotomoulding exporter, rotomolding exports, plastic machines, rotomoulding machine exporter, rotomolding machine export in UAE, DUBAI, JORDAN, IRAN, IRAQ, GHANA, NIGERIA, BANGLADESH, NEPAL, SHARJAH, OMAN, KENYA, KUWAIT, ARGENTINA, LEBANON, AFRICA, BULGARIA, RUSSIA, UGANDA, VIETNAM, MAURITIUS, YEMEN, BAHRAIN AND OTHER MANY COUNTRIES

Neelam Fabricators is one of the leading Rotomoulding and Rotaional Moulding Machines manufacture and export in India and outside India. Our focus is on developing fuel efficient, productive, maintenance free machines.

Our design department is equipped with well-known designing software to design Rotomoulding Machinery and Rotational Moulding Machines. We are also the first to develop most modern Single and Twin Mill Pulverizer with Internal cooling of moving disc. as well as also Rock N Roll, Biaxial, Scrap Grinder and Moulds.