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Neelam Fabricators is Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India based Rotomoulding and Rotational Moulding Machine Manufacturer Company. Neelam Fabricators is in the pasture of Rotomoulding Machine and Rotational Moulding Machine.

Neelam Fabricators Manufactures Moulding Machine and Rotomould which are similar to Rotomoulding and Rotational Moulding Machine as well as Plastic Moulding Machine, Moulded Plastic Products and Other Plastic related Products.

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Biaxial machine Neelam Fabricators brings the World Class..

Rock 'n' Roll

The machine are most suited for production of large tanks..


Polymer resin are typically available in granules form for positive..

Oven Machine

Neelam Fabricators is Manufacturing and Exporting Rotomoulding..


Rotomolding Machine or Rotational Molding Machine is a modern knowledge in plastic course, which is customary world widely. It has many advantages for user and manufacturer.

Rotomolding Machine has useful applications in conventional and inventive product lines.

With Rotomolding Machine Process it is possible to create one piece, seamless and stress free plastic products with superior surface finish ...

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24 Jan 2013
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Our Research Mission and Vision

NEELAM FABRICATORS is ahead through its non-stop research and development in the field of Rotomoulding and Rotational Moulding industry.

Migrate to the new economy through the provision of the right strategic advice and realistic roadmaps. (e-Consulting) Maximize return on investment through..

To be the preferred e-Solutions parter for organizations exploiting the new economy through the creation of successful digital business.