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Rotomoulding Machine & Moulds
Polymer resin are typically available in granules form for positive
detailed end use and some mixing and moulding progression
The mould is fitted on the arms of Biaxial Machine A encoded amount of plastic, in dust or liquid form, is deposited in one half of a mould. The mould is closed. The arm progress to oven, the mould is rotated biaxial within an oven. The plastic melts and forms a coating over the within surface of the mould. The arm is removed from the oven and cooled. The mould is opened and the unfilled part is removed.
Rotomoulding procedure offers one-piece stress free not to be faulted sturdy very small to large products in plastic products,Biaxial Rotomoulding Machine Manufacturer, 3arm Biaxial Machine, water tank machine, plastics machine India. biaxial rotomoulding machine, plastic tank machine, biaxial machine manufacturer, biaxial exporter
Model Overall Dimension (MM)
NFPUL-80 80 kgs/hr
NFPUL-100 100 kgs/hr
NFPUL-150 150 kgs/hr
NFPUL-200 200 kgs/hr
NFPUL-300 300 kgs/hr
NFPUL-400 400 kgs/hr
Technical Specifications:
  • Biaxial Machine is fully prepared with the following outstanding features.
  • Design of Biaxial Machine made-up from Mild steel which is sturdy reliable design.
  • Design of Biaxial Machine made-up from Mild steel which is sturdy reliable design.
  • Choice of three arm and four arm options.
  • Choice of carry type machines.
  • Choice of fix oven or portable oven.
  • Options of Straight-Arm, Offset Arm, Four Mould Carrier Arms.
  • Reverse / Forward machinery for correct positioning of stations.
  • Heating oven with stipulation of two side doors.
  • Straight Arm with two roomy spiders to put up different size moulds for expedient working.
  • Straight Arm with unique four-mould carrier base plats to utilize the maximum oven space in order to put up four moulds for inexpensive working with zero refusal.
  • Offset arm with enough balancing weights for large size moulds and contented functioning design.
  • Inspection windows to observe the mould rotation and polymer melting situation without opening the oven doors.
  • Stipulation for extra second and third layer charging manholes on the top of oven panel without opening the oven door.
  • Energy competent world-class environment welcoming ITALIAN BURNERS for LPG/OIL and duel fuel.
  • Efficient hot air scheming blower fans for fast heating of the moulds, Implementing state. of the art knowledge and achieving unique wadding design with new generation energy economy insulation material for better working situation.
  • Solid oven design and oven shape for finest oven volume and reasonable working with less fuel utilization.
  • Exclusive blower design for capable air movement.
  • Elective cooling station with high efficient air conniving fan or with water mist and water cover.