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Scrap Grinder

About Scrap Grinder Machine
Neelam Fabricators is manufacturing large range of Scrap Grinder Machine to provide various polymer-processing industries along with the Rotomoulding Machineries.

Recycled materials either blended with the usual virgin materials in little quantities without affecting finished products. Bearing housing is designed for relaxed working with easy maintenance during operation and provides safety.
Available in Five Models
Model Size, MM
Neelam Fabricators SG10 1000 W x 1400 L
Neelam Fabricators SG15 1000 W x 1400 L
Neelam Fabricators SG20 1200 W x 1500 L
Neelam Fabricators SG30 1200 W x 1500 L
Neelam Fabricators SG40 1200 W x 1500 L
Technical Specifications:
  • Neelam Fabricators is manufacturing the Scrap Grinder Machine to provide the demands of the Rotomoulding Industries, later with the pressing demands from different polymers processing industries.
  • Every polymer processing industry is using one no. Scrap Grinder Machine. Lacking the Scrap Grinders industry will not be working. Most of Polymer Processing Industries have Scrap Grinders for their expediency and cheap working.
  • Scrap Grinder Machine is used to decrease the space and store the volumetric rejected articles for stocking and transporting for subsequent process in the form of compact packing to grip conveniently.
  • Scrap Grinder Machine manufactured by Neelam Fabricators is prepared with mild steel fabricated main structures, wear resistant alloy steel cutting blades for competent shearing action and its exclusive design to shear the lumps with least resistant.
  • Neelam Fabricators has developed the Scrap Grinder Machine with new generation high competent low noise level sturdy and compact energy efficient Scrap Grinder to the industries where require.